A mostly true story about love, light, fear, darkness, hallucinations, narcotics, spirituality, debauchery, and that thing in the desert.

Burning Wings Book synopsis:

She’s young, naive, broken, and wields a ticket to the fabled dust-filled experiment deep in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. She’s prepared herself with goji berries, magic dreamcatcher wings, and a drug-filled suitcase way out of proportion to her petite frame.

What begins as a party, full of dancing, debauchery, and all that is anticipated on the playa, quickly transcends the expected, and transforms into a mythical world where fairies and clowns become guides, and the line between truth and fantasy is shattered.

Set amidst a backdrop of dynamic art installations with vivid hallucinatory imagery, she traverses the mysteries of life, of the heart, and of the darkness lurking under the surface of her soul. But to survive in a world of illusion, will loss of innocence result in wisdom, or is she simply losing her grip on reality forever?

Burning Wings is a no-holds-barred story of the intense spiritual awakening that can occur amidst the madness and epiphanies of drug culture, all told through a contemporary female lens with signature Gonzo flair.

Burning Wings early reviews:

“Avante-garde. Destined for cult classic status as female-driven literature in contemporary counter-culture.”

Jenni Fickearly reviewer

“It was like reading a drug-fueled, counter-culture version of The Alchemist and I loved it.”

Will Philpearly reviewer

“Blending fantasy, reality, tragedy, and love, Burning Wings encapsulates the mental and emotional roller coaster of surviving in an environment designed specifically to reveal your darkest shadows and brightest light.”

Leilana Peileuearly reviewer
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