Reviews from early readers & 2017 playa edition.

“"Kyra Bramble’s Burning Wings shares an adventure of one woman’s first Burning Man experience and the incredible epiphanies that attendees often uncover while attending the iconic event. Based on Kyra’s own experience, it’s a mystical, truth-inspired fantasy that speaks to the ups and downs of navigating the desert, the intense spiritual moments that truly give life to Burning Man, and so much more. I’ve always thought that there’s no real way to accurately describe a proper experience at Burning Man, but Burning Wing hits it right on the nail.

The debauchery, the unexpected interactions with friends and strangers, the laughter, the bikes that you’ve borrowed and try to ride, but are way too big (she and I had that experience in common) – it’s all there. The explorations of art pieces you stumble across in deep playa, the musical encounters, the costumes and beyond. But don’t be fooled; it’s not an all-positive, life-is-great-at-a-festival book. It goes much deeper than that. I’ve always thought that there’s no real way to accurately describe a proper experience at Burning Man, but Burning Wing hits it right on the nail."”

Torie RichardsonEDM Tunes

“Avante-garde. Destined for cult classic status as female-driven literature in contemporary counter-culture.”

Jenni Fickearly reviewer

“Burning Wings captivated and hooked me from the first few pages. I was amazed by Kyra's ability to transport me back to back to the atmosphere, texture, sounds, and overall feeling of being on the playa. Thrilling & fun reads feel more needed than ever to remind us of the powerful vortexes that can be accessed outside of our everyday reality.”

Chelsea "Arula" Kirbymusician, early reviewer

“The pleasure and pain of the whole experience is blended magnificently, and it somehow seems to eloquently cover the entire gamut of experiences with insight. The philosophy and imagery of the words are a masterful representation of what and why we do that thing out in that desert. It was like reading a drug-fueled, counter-culture version of The Alchemist and I loved it.”

Will Philpearly reviewer

“I could not put this thing down. Completely gave me ALL the feels! So beautiful, wild, free, genuine, raw, thought-provoking, and hilarious (I mean the part where she describes the Herculean task of getting her tutu back on in the porto-potty had me crying with laughter🤣) A story that will truly transport you back HOME🔥 Highly recommend for any Burners or wanna-be Burners who want to get lost in the dust!!!”

Megan review

“Blending fantasy, reality, tragedy, and love, Burning Wings encapsulates the mental and emotional roller coaster of surviving in an environment designed specifically to reveal your darkest shadows and brightest light.”

Leilana Peileuearly reviewer

“Burning Wings whisks you away into a fantastical dream-like tale of love, fear and growth. The author’s honest vulnerability and playful writing style authentically captures the magic of experiencing Burning Man through the eyes of a first-time attendee. She pedals us through an emotional and psychedelic journey of the self, mirrored in the exploration of Black Rock City’s whimsical and darker sides alike. It’s the first book in years I was unable to put down.”

Michael David Johnsonearly reviewer

“Kyra did an absolutely wonderful job capturing her experience on the Playa. As a female and die hard burner seeing her capture beautifully the wide range of magic and adventure both personally and socially that can only take place at a tranformative festivals!” review

“Looking for a good read? Curious about what really happened at Burning Man? Burning Wings is the real deal.
I have been to Burning Man 3 times (2007-09) and lived in San Francisco during this same time period.
I found the book SUPER fun to read. Set in the Bay Area / California / Black Rock City. It was so fascinating for me to re-live these experiences through Kyra's eyes!

The writing is an introspective, gonzo-ish style... Think "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" meets "Breakfast of Champions" AKA Hunter S. Thompson meets Kurt Vonnegut.

Very exciting, sexy and fast-paced.”

Christopher review

“"It is an original work in the great tradition of the Bildungsroman: the coming-of-age novel made especially significant by its edgy appeal to transgressive young women. It also is a kind of hallucinatory drug diary with an original style and voice that pushes the reader to see Burning Man through your stream-of-consciousness gonzo reportage; good fun Kyra."”

Nathan J. Nugenteditor

“Finally! An intelligent counter-culture drug book written by a woman. Fuck literature, I hope this becomes a cult-classic. It's about time we had a female Hunter S. Thompson.”

Lucyearly reviewer

“At times lighthearted and fun, other times dark and gripping, this window into the wild escapades of a young woman's first burn invites the reader to join in the revelry, despair at the hangovers, and be with her as she lays bare her naked soul upon the pages. As a delightful bonus, her writing elicits nostalgic delight in those of us who were lucky enough to also bear witness to the incredible art, explosions, and double rainbow of that year.”

Ryan Hoodearly reviewer

“Burning Wings tells a story that didn’t JUST flash me back to a special memory of one of my own burns, but it transported me to a realm where I tasted playa and wiped tears from my eyes, a place where I got butterflies in my stomach as it touched my soul and set it on fire. The playa is a place where all senses are utterly vibrating, and it’s really hard to experience the playa in all it’s glory unless you are physically there, but this story blends all these elements together and makes that sweet stimulation tangible all over again. If you want to experience any part of the playa, there is no better place to start than here.”

Danny Leeearly reviewer

“Raw, cathartic, filled with dusty frustration and love, Ms. Bramble delves into a semi autobiographical account of one of her years in Black Rock City, known better as Burning Man. She paints an honest poetic View of her experiences, whether real or imagined. From whimsical journey to the pitfalls of mental anxiety, bramble will take you on a quite a ride through the dust like you have never quite experienced before.”

Jared "Lobstah" Szakmaryearly reviewer

“What I love about this book is the realness to the Playa. We all hear stories and fables, but this brings the Playa to life. The reason why people go year after year. There is a lot to gain from this book. There is more then the “high” it’s about self realization. A definite read for anyone interested in Burning Man and what it’s all about”

Ken review

“Drugs, sex, and dusty boots. An honest glimpse into the mind's eye of a mischievous firecracker. Vividly descriptive storytelling that takes you on a trip to the desert, through the clouds and straight for the heart.”

Marie Poliakillustrator, early reviewer

“A surreal week long adventure touching on all elements of the human experience. A great read for those who have never been or are interested in learning about the logistics, aesthetics, and general ethos of burning man woven into a one of a kind journey. Burning wings deftly weaves the surreal aesthetics, desert survival, and philosophical ethos of the festival into a one of a kind journey full of surprises that touches on all aspects of the human experience.Highly recommended to those who may have not been but are interested in learning more about Burning Man.”

Dan Antonielloearly reviewer

“Don’t be surprised if you read Burning Wings in one sitting. Kyra takes you through a majestical ride that will keep you turning the pages. Also a fun read in a group setting... just turn to any ol page and let yourself be transported. Playful, deep, and informative.”

Alexis Christinaearly reviewer

“I really enjoyed this journey Kyra took us on into the depths of the playa. I felt the dust on my lips, the tingle fo adventure on my skin and the buzz in my head from the adventure. She has a way with words to really bring yourself right into the story! As a veteran burner or for the virgin this story captures a bit of the magic for anyone to enjoy!”

Jessica KowalHush Concerts

“A worthwhile read whether you’re just curious about Burning Man, or a regular attendee. Burning Wings does a great job of capturing the diversity and character of the citizens in ‘Black Rock City’, as well as one person's cathartic journey through out the week long event. Definitely recommend!”

Josh "The Lighthouse" Petersonearly reviewer

“Burning Wings draws the reader into a unique trans-dimensional journey of self discovery and heart repair. This shit made me cry, I don't cry that easy.”

Christian "Hanuman" Durkanearly reviewer